"Sunsets are proof that endings

can often be beautiful too."

Memorials & Video Tributes

Tell their story so others may know their journey.

The passing of a loved one often brings with it a whirlwind of emotions and time sensitive decisions before the funeral or memorial service.  


At HLA productions, we help you present a historic, poetic & emotionally crafted video that honors their life's journey and cements their legacy for generations yet to come. 

Memorial Packages

These memorial films are designed to showcase the unique story of their life. Below are four styles of video to choose from.  

The Basic Slideshow

Video Length: 5-8 Minutes

Cost: $500.00 - $750.00


The Storyteller Slideshow

Video Length: 5-8 Minutes

Cost: $1,250.00 - $1,750.00


The Messages & Memories

Video Length: 8-10 Minutes

Cost: $1,750.00 - $2,250.00


The Mini Documemory

Video Length:  10-12 Minutes

Cost: $2,500.00 - $3,000.00


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