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"If you want to know me,

then you must know my story, for my story defines who I am."

Professional Interviews

Capture their story so others may know their journey.

Recording professional interviews are the simplest and quickest way to capture a family member’s legacy. By allowing them to use their own words in a guided interview, stories and memories will be captured in their full form.


We will come to your house (or location of your choosing) and capture their story using professional camera, lighting and sound equipment. 

Below are a sample of documemory videos which include portions of the filmed  interviews.  

Ebrahim Golshan  - My Life
The Story of Enda & Merle
The Ryan Whiteman Story
Honoring Jill Linder
Honoring Rachel Cohen

Interviews can be filmed as part of a standalone project which start at $750.00 and increase depending on the final details of the shoot.


To learn more about about pricing, options and discounts, please contact us at albert@hlaproductions and we'll send you a detailed price sheet.

Interviews are automatically included in the price of selected Documemory Packages. You can learn more about our Documemory Packages here.


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