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"Tell Me Your Story."

- Your Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandchild.

About HLA Productions

You Live A Great Story.

We'll Tell A Great Story. 


At HLA Productions we specialize in a wide range of video projects designed to highlight and celebrate the entirety of your life. Our handcrafted our stories reflect the true human experience and capture the unique essence that makes up a person's life and legacy. 


We are talking about your wins, your losses, your loves and heartbreaks and everything in between. From a cinematic perspective, your experience at being human is as unique as your fingerprint. 

The Kian Elyashar Story
The Ryan Whiteman Story
The Said Tabibi Story
Ebrahim Golshan  - My Life
A Time We Will Never Forget
The Story of Enda & Merle

Each HLA film is custom made and reflects the individual through the use of creative and emotional script writing, professionally recorded narration, digitization of old photos, 8mm films/VHS tapes, original animation and live action recreations.


Our style of filmmaking offers a handcrafted approach to telling your story and identifying the absolute essence that makes up YOUR life and enduring legacy.

The legacy you leave behind remains rooted in the stories that are remembered and shared.

What Do You Get Someone

Who Has Everything?

It is the gift of legacy, so that generation upon generation can know their journey and take a piece of it with them for all time.


You can capture their legacy with a creative slideshow, interview or a retrospective film we call a "Documemory."

About The Founder

A Word From

Albert Bugoff

After working for Warner Bros Studios for over 20 years, I stumbled into the realm of video production when I made a creative "grand entrance" video for my wedding.


More videos for family events followed with  someone always saying, "That was amazing, you could make good money doing this for other people." 

My passion, that has always been for storytelling and creating content, seemed to finally find a viable avenue for exploration. 

Knowing I can make a video that is both entertaining,historical, emotional and meaningful is truly fulfilling and deeply satisfiying.

"Live A Great Story"

Albert Bugoff

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